Pain Management in Jersey City, NJ

If you are injured or have any chronic pain, then you may benefit from the services provided at Doctors Care Pain and Wellness Center. We offer pain management services through the use of medications, injections on or around the injured site, physical and aquatic. Acupuncture is a popular treatment for pain management, arthritis, allergies, anxiety, diabetes, headaches and migraines, and much more. Every patient is unique, so we work to develop a unique plan to treat their pain or ailment offering a perfect solution you are comfortable with.

Sports Medicine Services

There are a great number of injuries which can accompany sports or performing any strenuous activity. The good news is that most of them do not require surgery to heal properly. Our sports medicine physicians focus on finding the best ways to rehabilitate your injury and are happy to educate you on ways to prevent reinjuring the area. Most patients who are treated by our sports medicine physicians are also directed to our physical therapy team to help strengthen the injured area. chiropractic care is often used in sports medicine to help realign the spine and other joints of the body so that muscles are not being overworked to compensate for misalignment.

Types of Therapy

We provide both physical therapy and aquatic therapy. Aquatic therapy is provided in our indoor, warm water pool and is practiced to help strengthen injured muscles without placing stress on the muscles or joints. These aspects make it a safe, comfortable and practical therapy for our older patients. Physical therapy aids in the recovery and strengthening of joints and muscles due to injury, surgery or atrophy through regulated exercise and mobility. Results from our treatments are very positive and we see great improvement in our clientele. If you are in need of any of our services, please don’t hesitate in calling us at (855) 425-1900.

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Over 20 years of experience treating work and sports related injuries, car accidents, and aches and paints from normal activites of daily life.

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